My own Twitter client – with Black Jack and Hookers

Maybe you heard it already, I plan to build my own Twitter client, because most of those clients I tried moved from “quite usable” over “barely usable” directly into the 6th Hell of User Experience. In retrospective I have to say that TweetCaster had quite a dash full of good ideas, but it’s over now.

Now I build my own Twitter client, with Black Jack and Hookers. In fact, forget about the Twitter client. Anyways, there are a few things I have in mind when building this:

  1. I have a 7″ Tablet with Android, guess which OS it will support? Yeah, I mostly use it for Tweeting anyways, so this app must be the killer app.
  2. Keep it simple, sunny. I often read, I often write/RT, I often mark as spam. Using my client must be a cakewalk for the most frequent activities.
  3. It will be FREE for everyone with the same pain that I feel, but not to be commercialized. not even from 3rd parties.

So here is the current feature list.  I AM aware it is quite a lot, so I will proceed in several steps.

If you think you have something I am missing, or the ultimate killer feature. Contact me! at twitter for instance: @pxlphile ūüôā Continue reading

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Unfair Posters!

This post has nothing to do with the general thread of Game Programming.

A few of you know, I became active in the infosec community by setting up graphics and/or slogans for three Security BSides events. I asked nothing much in return – just the kudos or my reputation. To the regrets of my spouse I do this for free and with my heart blood, because I like the idea of sharing knowledge for free, especially in terms of infosec.

A couple of months now, I was asked not only to sponsor the BSidesLondon logo but also help out with the posters. Of cause I felt flattered and anticipated the making of another GFX goody. But the workload to that time plus family business made me say, that I couldn’t make it for free. If I have to involve work time, it’s not free; maybe i’ll-make-it-buddy-cheap but not free. Sorry. Perhaps I chose the wrong words to say so, as a non-native English speaker please accept my apologies, but I am sure there’s no harm done.

If you watch closely my twitter stream you do already know I created this year’s party poster for BruCON. This was a totally different game for me, mainly because I had two wisdom teeth removed surgically. So I had enough time to do some eye-candy because I couldn’t go to work or take care of our child. Furthermore I felt pretty appealed because both of the style of BruCON and the party location theme.

But please don’t misunderstand me, I like to create stuff for free for the right reasons. I was sure the BSides people would give me the proper appreciation. But if there is too much time involved, I put family always first, my daytime job second, and then comes everything else.

cheers, PPxL

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Surprise! I’m now on twitter!

Ok this is a bit sensation-grabbing because I am now since 2 months at twitter, but here I am: I just wanted to let you know. I hope I find time to contintue my series on game development, soon.

Note to Maltego Users: there you go.

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First Steps and Building up a Hierarchy

The first thing I took care of was how to get things done anyhow. I needed to fulfill certain tasks to get any further in the computer graphics course:

  1. Write code in C++
  2. Use Horde3D
  3. Submit proper documentation

Earlier I had little experience using Microsoft Visual Studio and totally no experience in GCC. So my path was made up in that part. I checked out the latest Horde3D trunk and installed GLFW after some google’d instruction for Windows. At that point the first problems arrived just in time, namely: configuring a running MSVC project. Of course the projects delivered with Horde3D did run pretty good, but once I tried to modify it I failed entirely.

Basically, it took all good luck with the project properties like library paths and-whatnot. You can checkout my project file but for a Pro it would certainly suck.

The second thing I needed to develop for The Game is a clear structure. I needed flexibility because I did not know what code I need to write in the first place. I started with the code given from Horde3D. But I was not very happy with the structure because it lacked a bit of transparency. So I started to think, and this was a kind of first result:

initial class structure of the game

initial class structure of the game

Start.cpp and Start.h code could not be written as a Class file as it adheres some C coding way which I could not avoid.

But the rest of the code was designed as proper C++ classes. As you can see Horde3D is used in the lower four classes. The class Game was thought to be the controller of the game play, while World, Player, and Enemy just interact on defined ways.

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3D Games are the shit!

When I wrote my diploma thesis about evolutionary algorithms I really needed some time unwinding myself every now and then. As I had to complete a 3D course at the same time, I really got addicted to 3D applications – especially 3D games.

The other day then I decided to put up a 3D games marathon, consisting of nothing less than:

  1. Half-Life² [done]
  2. HL² Episode 1 [done]
  3. HL² Episode 2 [done]
  4. Team Fortress
  5. Bioshock [done]
  6. Lego Racers 2
  7. Mirror’s Edge [done]
  8. Mass Effect [canceled] (oh god why)
  9. Mass Effect 2 [canceled due shittyness of Mass Effect 1]
  10. Saboteur
  11. Borderlands [done]
  12.  Borderlands [added, to be bought]
  13. Just Cause 2
  14. Fall Out 3 [done]
  15. Tony Hawk Underground 2 [done]
  16. Fall Out: New Vegas [added, done] (IMO worse than FO3)

Now that’s not bad, but I figure it will take until next year’s end to finish the list. Not that I am such a bad gamer but I have to take into account that

  1. I have a live,
  2. I have a job,
  3. babies do also need their share of time ūüėČ

My only problem is that computer gaming is such time wasting. So I also start to release some new comics at either at or (usually translated in english) at deviantart. Stay tuned!

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“The Game” to be licensed under GPL

After a time of consideration I decided to license my 3D shooter prototype “The Game” under the well-known GPL. I hope to acquire more developers who want to spread the used Horde3D framework. The GPL license statements will be added to the code soon.

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“The Game” is online

Wow! Two posts in one week! Anyways… as I promised in the Horde3D forum here are the SVN credentials for my first person shooter prototype “The Game”, which currently has a weight of 10 MB (ONLY). This is because I am still processing resources that may be copyright protected, so only the resources from Horde3D or my very own are currently included.

For command line subversion clients you enter (10 MB with some graphics):
svn checkout your_local_directory_goes_here

If you are only interested in the code (100 KB) you go here
svn checkout your_local_directory_goes_here

The username/password is “guest” of course without quotation marks. Please note that all resources are free for educational purposes. But if you make money of it, I wanna see a fair share of it (not that the code is that excellent, but you’ve heard it)

For a quick overview I also provied an API and the (former) SVN statistics.

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Finally you have come here. What took you so long? Surprise! Welcome to another TechBlog that the world really doesn’t need, and finally will be buried in the usual sort of oblivion. But for now, let’s rock!

By the way, this blog is used a bit to set up my Horde3D lessons.

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