“The Game” is online

Wow! Two posts in one week! Anyways… as I promised in the Horde3D forum here are the SVN credentials for my first person shooter prototype “The Game”, which currently has a weight of 10 MB (ONLY). This is because I am still processing resources that may be copyright protected, so only the resources from Horde3D or my very own are currently included.

For command line subversion clients you enter (10 MB with some graphics):
svn checkout http://philipppixel.unfuddle.com/svn/philipppixel_thegame/ your_local_directory_goes_here

If you are only interested in the code (100 KB) you go here
svn checkout http://philipppixel.unfuddle.com/svn/philipppixel_thegame/TheGame/The%20Game your_local_directory_goes_here

The username/password is “guest” of course without quotation marks. Please note that all resources are free for educational purposes. But if you make money of it, I wanna see a fair share of it (not that the code is that excellent, but you’ve heard it)

For a quick overview I also provied an API and the (former) SVN statistics.

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